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About Me

That's me!

Hello and my name’s Chan. I am also known as ‘slackmagic’ all over the internet as I’ve settled for that alias for quite many years now. I usually idle on IRC a lot (freenode, oftc and some quakenet).

Why the name slackmagic?

I love slackware (a linux distribution). I love to perform magic tricks. Both things are amazing in my opinion.

I have been using Linux since August of 2003. Like most users, I opted to work with a dual-boot system at first. However, as time progressed and Linux just seemed more appealing and better to work with, I entirely dropped MS Windows. Today I don’t get to work with Windows unless I am at work or when (still) fixing friends and family members’ computers that run Microsoft Windows as their operating system.

Regarding the art of magic, I’ve been performing magic tricks on and off for about 8 years. Entertaining friends and family is something I’ve always enjoyed since I was first introduced to magic through a classmate in Vienna, Austria who at that time was already a professional magician himself. I have not made any money yet performing tricks, but I’ve gained many priceless smiles in return and that alone speaks for itself.  Here’s a hint: When someone performs a trick for you, “Don’t think, just feel” (just as Cyril himself says all the time – youtube him if you don’t know who that is).

If you need to talk to me for whatever reason, look for slackmagic on IRC (freenode) or shoot me an email: root /at/ slackmagic \dot\ com